Virtual Exhibit Center

ReShape Lifesciences

Team ReShape in Texas:

Luis Rodriguez, Jr. | Sr. Director, Commercial Development | 512.413.1731 |

Heather Mackie, MS, RDN, LD │ Director, ReShape Care | 336.202.3873 |

On behalf of ReShape Lifesciences, welcome to the TABS ReShape LifeSciences Virtual Booth! We look forward to seeing you in-person at the July meeting, but encourage you to reach out to us directly if you have any questions about any and all things ReShape, America’s premier weight-loss solutions company, offering an integrated portfolio of proven products and services that manage and treat obesity and metabolic disease.

In addition to the FDA-approved Lap-Band® program that provides minimally invasive, long-term treatment of obesity and is an alternative to more invasive surgical stapling procedures such as the gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, we are excited to showcase the launch of the ReShapeCare™ Virtual health coaching program. ReShapeCare™ is a reimbursable, customizable, virtual weight management program that focuses on helping patients treat, manage, and improve the chronic, metabolic disease of obesity with your direction as their physician.

Enjoy the meeting and we look forward to seeing you!